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Cartoon Maker 6.01

Cartoon maker is a program for making cartoons of your pictures
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Cartoon Maker, as the name suggests, is a program that lets you create cartoons of your photos and photos of your friends. It will surely entertain your friends and your family. Just add your picture to Cartoon Maker and start applying it's tools. You can distort any section of your picture, you can expand or shrink it. Also the distortion can be spherical, vertical and horizontal. Then you can twist the objects, it is available both dextrorotary and levorotary twist. Also you can smear the photo. Another thing you can do is to make pen or pencil sketch and improve it by using clear up spot and rubber, rubber thick can be chosen according to your needs. You can send your finished work to a friend via e-mail or print it.
Carton Maker has rather many hot keys for many options of the program it is very easy to use.
This program is rather nice but it has few tools and some of them are limited in the trial version of the program and there is no help file.
To sum up this program is rather nice but not great.

Andrew Do
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  • Entertainment for the whole family


  • A bit boring
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